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Communicate, discover, build, and iterate are my personal guidelines. Daily challange? Planning on projects while balancing between getting the right amount of client and user input within the constraints of a project. Ultimate goal? Getting the most project goodness for my client’s budget! Any questions? Please do contact me :)

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'The trouble with so many of us is that we underestimate the power of simplicity.'

Robert Stuberg

Me, Myself and O

I'm a digital designer/projectmanager, currently working and living in Utrecht, with a passion for design, people and progressive enhancement. Away from designing & building things, I love movies, listen to good music and hang out with friends and family. I currently work for O-utrecht, an concept agency based in the center of Utrecht with a focus on great projects and innovative concepts.

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Communicating is one of de leading principle for succeeding in projects. I love managing people to cooperate for succes.


To tell a story, concept or thought it's important you are able to visualize and create. I gladly grab my pen tablet and start designing.

User Experience

User experience is one of my favorite topics, understanding user needs and behaviors to build a better world.


Testing your product on users and stakeholders gives you validation to be proud on your product. A user is my precious.


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That Scotty Allen’s Mom Will Judge Your Website?

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